Obasquiat – As vezes vemos beleza na dor

Saiu matéria (em inglês) do meu projeto Obasquiat pelo site da #MustardRelics (USA)

Our virtual buddy Marco Antônio a Relic in his own right around here, we’ve posted his free jazz collaborations several times now, well he has a new thing out. This here’s a pretty cool write up (left in the original Portuguese as well)…

Album compilation of songs made in partnership, solo and tracks unfinished by frustration, anxiety or even pure idleness because this is how art manifests and propagates, sets fire and launches flames of creation always at the exact moment, inopportune and even sad if the sensation is channeled and synthesized.
The idea here is to make art of what I feel at this moment in my life, to purge those demons of the melancholy that devastate me, the joy that strikes me by surprise, and the excitement that I feel for the world and my life at this very moment this album is a manifestation of now, of…

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